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Detached Garage Addition

Detached Garages by Five Point

Five Point Renovation and Remodel specializes in design and build projects, a detached garage addition, to update your home and more space all in one go.

Detached garages are great for large families who want to add an extra place for cars, tools, and more. In fact, you can have a detached garage without getting rid of your old one. Whatever the reason for your build, we guarantee it’s worth it.

Five Point’s team of professionals have the skills it takes to create a structure that complements your home. Indeed, there is a lot of detail that goes into nontraditional structures. We cover all the nitty gritty before even setting foot in the renovation space.

An addition like this is sure to enhance both the quality of the home and the quality of your lives! 

Interested in learning more about our addition services? Keep reading below.

Starting Your Project

We always provide an initial consultation for projects in order to get an idea of what the client wants. We’re with you every step of the way and always remain in constant communication with clients. 

The contact form on our website allows us to understand a little more about what you’re looking for before we get started. How big do you want the garage? Where do you plan on placing it? These are all questions we will definitely ask in order to make everything perfect.

After our site meeting, the team creates a set of drawings for your project for you to review. When you are happy with the design of your project drawings, we will provide you with final construction plans!

Once the initial stages are complete, that’s when pricing, material gathering, and more can begin. Indeed, we know you love your home, so let us help you love it even more with detached garage addition.

More Information About Additions

Detached garages are multifunctional and great ideas when considering what kind of addition you want to place in or around your home.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on disrupting your daily lives as little as possible with our tight construction schedule, highly-skilled trade partners, and that open communication policy. 

Some uses for a detached garage include:

  • Equipment storage
  • Workshop
  • A place to store cars or work on them
  • Even better, you can make a detached garage into two levels and have the upper level as a bedroom.

There is no limit to what we can do with this type of addition. In all honesty, the possibilities are endless!

A new space can do more than just add resale value; it can increase your overall happiness with your home.  A new room means that more loved ones can feel comfortable in your home as well.

Five Point Remodels Your Home for the Better

Indeed, we hold our projects to high standards so you should as well. Are you ready to start considering your addition?

Five Point is happy to answer any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about detached garages and the other numerous services we offer homeowners in the Chester and Lancaster counties.



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