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3 Things to Consider When Investing in Kitchen Updates – Chester County

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Renovations

When it comes to kitchen updates, there are some things every homeowner should keep in mind. Luckily, Five Point Renovation and Remodel in Chester County has got you covered with three things to consider when investing in kitchen updates.

Firstly, it should be stated that kitchen updates are a great way to improve any home. A kitchen that flows and is comfortable can make your life much easier.

Additionally, Five Point Renovation and Remodel is adamant on helping create the space of your dreams. Providing customers with reliable and accommodating work is always our mission.

Furthermore, 3 things to consider when investing kitchen updates include:

  • Being efficient and logical with the space you have to work with
  • Making your space both comfortable and making sure the space flows together with the rest of the house and surrounding rooms
  • Being conscious of contractor and other subcontractor schedules and material readiness/availability 

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the many things to keep in mind when looking at kitchen updates. However, these specific kitchen updates can help make your space more comfortable.  

Get the Most Out of Your Space

Everyone’s kitchen has a limited space available to use and manipulate. This is why it is so important that homeowners are conscious of this and plan ahead. 

Furthermore, the best spaces are spaces that feel effortless and like they were meant to be. Along with this, there is always a way to make a space as accommodating as possible and Five Points (Chester County) knows just how.

What homeowners should consider when getting the most out of their space:

  • Appliance spaces
  • Cabinet placement 
  • Storage space
  • Sink to cooking range distance
  • Much more

Moreover, not only should your kitchen be efficient and ergonomic but it should also flow together. Read on to discover the importance of flow and comfort when considering kitchen updates.

Kitchen Updates: Flow and Comfort

Flow and comfort are often overlooked when remodeling or building a kitchen. A kitchen space can be as aesthetically pleasing as possible but if it doesn’t flow or isn’t comfortable then it won’t matter how good it looks.

Furthermore, cooking or working in a kitchen that flows feels effortless. Being comfortable in your kitchen space means you will be more likely to use it more often. 

Moreover, some of the kitchen updates homeowners should look at to increase flow and comfort in their kitchen are:

  • Distance from sink to range-to-fridge-to-waste-bin
  • Countertop space for appliances and food prep
  • Flooring comfort (you will typically on your feet a lot if you plan to do a lot of cooking so flooring should be comfortable)
  • Space for sitting/serving food
  • Much more

These are just a few of the ways one can get the most out of their kitchen updates. One more way to get the most out of your kitchen updates would be to be mindful remodeling scheduling.

Scheduling and Availability 

Last but not least, homeowners should always consider the scheduling of their remodel process as well as the material availability. This will make the difference between an efficient remodel, and one that is dragged out. 

Moreover, this means that before you start remodeling, make sure you have:

  • Plumbers, electricians, floorers, and any other subcontractors scheduled far in advance so nothing is being stalled or held-up
  • Any materials or appliances on stand-by ready to be installed and placed properly

In doing so, you will be able to keep the work going efficiently with little to no delay. This will not only make your life easier, but also the contractors.  

Get Started Today

So, what are you waiting for? While these are not the only kitchen updates that should be considered, they are the important ones. 

Additionally, kitchen updates are an important renovation to any home and should be done well and promptly. Five Point Renovations and Remodel in Chester County is dedicated to providing this wonderful service.

Any questions surrounding kitchen updates or our services in Chester County? Please contact us! We would love to help.


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