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Redefining Renovation & Remodeling Services in Chester County

At Five Point Renovation & Remodel, we believe in presenting our clients with the highest quality work and craftsmanship as possible. When considering all the choices in the renovation and remodel industry, we are happy that you are interested in learning more about Five Point. For over 15 years, , we have been providing our clients with exceptional customer service and unsurpassed quality.  We aren’t just another construction company, and your project is not just another project – we truly believe that you and your happiness are the most important part of our job. 

No matter what your next project may be, call Five Point Renovation & Remodel as you begin imagining and designing your dream project.  Our renovation & remodel team, based in Chester County, is looking forward to helping your dreams become a reality.

How is Five Point Different?

Our team prides itself on making you “fall in love with your home all over again.” We understand that your needs and desires evolve as your family grows and your lifestyle changes.  The playroom that was necessary years ago may now work better as a wine cellar.  Or the area where the old swing set sits in the back yard would bring more joy as a beautiful patio area with a firepit.

We firmly believe that a renovation & remodeling project should be completed in a timely and efficient manner with as little stress to you as possible.  In our opinion, when it comes to home renovations, there is no room for error or dissatisfaction. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your project lives up to, and even exceeds, your dreams.

Whether you are considering a room addition, a kitchen remodel, an outside space renovation, or any other project, we first listen to your needs.  We then listen to your dreams.  Once we understand your vision, we can provide valuable information and ideas to maximize your happiness with your project.

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What are the Benefits of Renovating & Remodeling my Home?

Renovating & remodeling services can provide many benefits beyond simple appearances. 

A renovation & remodel can also enhance the flow of a house. It can totally change the paths taken, the work flow, and more. A proper renovation & remodel will completely reframe the way that you operate for the better, as well as bringing your joy in your new spaces.

Additionally, the potential value increase in the home is a huge benefit of renovating and remodeling. There are few things that increase a home’s value more than a newly renovated kitchen, bathroom or deck!

Every project that our team completes is set to the highest standards and expectations from the professionals on our team.  Give our team a call if you’re interested in learning more!

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At Five Point Renovation & Remodel, we are always ready to talk about your newest project. If you have a dream but aren’t quite sure how to make it a reality, give us a call.

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Attention to detail is Five Point Renovation and Remodel’s focus.  When we enter a home, we believe that the project should accurately reflect the home owner. That means, that the home owner’s recommendations and vision should come true!

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All of the projects completed at Five Point Renovation & Remodel are done with the client’s best interest in mind. When we start working on a project, we strive to complete that project in a timely manner. We discuss all potential timelines before a project begins.

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Every project is different! Whether it’s color, product, or material, each individual has a unique image of how they’d like the end-product to appear. With our extensive experience and vision, we will work with you to determine the best option for you.

Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

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