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Kitchen Remodel in Chester County

What are you looking for in your perfect kitchen? Maybe it’s new floors, countertops, cabinets, appliances or more! Whatever you’re looking for, Five Point Renovation & Remodel can make your dream a reality. When you’re looking for more counter space, an updated appearance, and a fresh look, you can count on Five Point Renovation & Remodel to deliver. We are experienced in updating kitchens in Chester County, and are looking forward to offering our services to you! Click on the button below to learn more about our kitchen renovation and remodel services today!

Bathroom Remodels in Chester County

Are you interested in renovating your bathroom? Five Point Renovation & Remodel will happily meet with you at your home to discuss your project. During this consultation, we will listen to your needs and help you decide on how to achieve your project goals.  We will then develop a detailed proposal with all of your specifications and selections along with a contract amount.  Each homeowner’s proposal is specified to their project, which is why we do not “throw you a ballpark number”.  The proposed price is the final price unless you wish to make changes, which we are happy to accommodate.   Click the button below to learn more about bathroom renovation and remodeling through Five Point Renovation & Remodel today!

Design/Build in Chester County

What is the goal of a design/build contract? With a large renovation project, we need to understand exactly what you want so that we can fulfill those needs as well as give you an exact price for your project.  A design/build contract achieves this by bringing you, us and our architect together to develop construction plans for your specific project.  When you are ready to start your project, Five Point will be there for you!  Click the button below to learn more about Five Point Renovation & Remodel’s design/build services!

Additions & New Construction in Chester County

Are you looking for addition to your existing home or maybe you are looking to build a new custom home?  Our team at Five Point Renovation and Remodel has over 70 years of combined experienced in both! Whether you are looking to add a sunroom, an exercise room or start from scratch with a new build, Five Point Renovation & Remodel is happy to help. If you’re interested in learning more about our addition and new construction services in Chester County, click the button below!

Landscaping & Hardscaping in Chester County

You should love your outdoor areas! Whether you are considering a new deck, patio, walkways or landscaping, Five Point Renovation & Remodel can make your vision a reality. Often, people have beautiful, open outdoor spaces, but are unsure of how to make the most use of it.  Don’t let another summer go by without enjoying the beauty around us – learn more about our services by clicking the button below.

Specialty Projects in Chester County

Some of our very favorite projects started as dreams of our customers.  We have had the privilege of building amazing wine cellars and rooms.  We have build full-sized gymnasiums and exercise rooms, as well as renovating historical homes and garages.  What we can build is only limited by what our customers can dream, which seems to be unlimited!

We can also help you with those projects which seem a bit less exciting, such as windows, doors and roof replacements.  These projects may just seem like necessary maintenance, but they seem to always create unexpected beauty.  Windows can transform the look of your home while providing energy savings.  Try swapping out that thin, hollow interior door for a 15-lite French door and bask in the beauty.  Even a new roof can add dimensional interest to your curbside appeal as well as keeping your family safe and “covered”.  

You dream it – we’ll build it.  Learn more about our specialty projects by clicking the button below. 


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